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Dining and Beverage options in Monte Vista:

Breakfast ∙ Lunch ∙ Dinner

  • Mountain View Restaurant:  2099 Sherman Ave  719-852-9919
  • Sonic:  1820 Grand Ave  719-852-2620
  • Stars Family Dining: 1020 2nd Ave  719-852-0250
  • Subway: 2041 Grande Ave  719-852-2423

Breakfast ∙ Lunch

  • Don Tomas’s Bakery & Breakfast:  829 1st Ave  719-852-0981
  • Green Chili Burrito Grill (in the Shell Station – open at 5 am): 1025 Park Ave  719-852-0350
  • Sunflour Café: 278 North Hwy 285  719-852-6945

Lunch ∙ Dinner

  • Baldos Mexican Restaurant: 1100 Park Ave  719-852-0222
  • China Garden Chinese Restaurant: 819 1st Ave  719-852-2002
  • Dairy Queen:  705 1st Ave  719-852-2180
  • Dos Rios Mexican Restaurante: 1635 North Hwy 285   719-852-0545
  • Fernandez Taqueria: 159 Euclid St  719- 852-4956
  • Nino’s Mexican Restaurant:  118 Adams St  719-852-0101
  • Pizza Hut:  2015 Grande Ave  719-852-4079
  • Safeway Deli & Bakery:  1200 2nd Ave  719-852-5121

Dinner Only

  • Quincy’s Steaks & Spirits:  138 Adams St  719-852-8977


  • Best Western Movie Manor:  2830 West Hwy 160 719-852-5921
  • Monte Villa Inn: 925 First Avenue  719-852-5166
  • Rio Grande Motel: 25 Broadway St.  719-852-3516


  • Alta Fuels:  Grand Avenue
  • Jr’s (Shell Station): 1025 Park Avenue  719-852-0350
  • Love’s Country Store: 1537 Grand Ave.  719-852-5032
  • Monte Vista Coop :    1901 Highway 160   719-852-9770
  • First Stop (Conoco): 1331 Grand Ave.   719-852-2680

Auto Parts

  • Napa Auto Parts:  1080 N US Hwy 285   719-852-0711


  • Top Value (Summit Market) 222 Solar Ave.    719-852-3612
  • Safeway  1200 2nd Ave.     719-852-5121


Vali 3 Theater:  139 Adams Street                  719-852-2811                    

Want to Dirt Drag?

In the early days of drag competition, finding a nice paved strip was nearly impossible. The young men of America had to improvise, they made dirt drag strips in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s.

There were several strips across Colorado, the Cam Winders of Colorado Springs had one, they collected waste motor oil from service stations in an old water truck, then “Oiled” the track surface to provide better traction, a make shift asphalt if you will. (see the HRM article below)

Boulder Timing Association had one too, pictured below is Cal Kennedy and Don Scroggs Wayne 12 port T-33 racer taking on the dirt.

Well, Mike Nicholas, promoter of the Hot Rod Hill Climb has decided to bring this type of racing back to Colorado in the spring of 2015. Details on the event are brewing, but the location has been chosen, a double drive in movie theater that sits on 41 acres in the heart of southern Colorado. The crown jewel is a 1930’s dirt airstrip that is the ground work for the competition. The competition machines, we stay with tradition, with our roots, they will all be mid-50’s and older, the cars of that era. Motorcycles, yes, of the same era!

Build your flatheads, your bangers, your inliners…. this is going to be BAD ASS!

Join the email list here for the press release coming soon!

Dirt Drags

Boulder Colorado circa 1955, strip run by Boulder Timing Association.


An article in the February 1953 HRM has an article on the Cam Winders track east of Colorado Springs.

HRM_1953_Feb_000 HRM_1953_Feb_034 HRM_1953_Feb_035 HRM_1953_Feb_052